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These are our Letterbox Finds from 401 to 599

Sunday, February 29, 2004


Hey Yo!! HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Silver Bullet HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Bucket of Paint HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Harriet's HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Red Ride, Red Ride HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Bindlestiff HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Isoceles "PI" Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Teach & Preach's "Angry Amy" Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Phyto's "Postal Box" Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
TeamGreenDragon's "Zen" Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Mary & Dan's "Getting Married 9/18/04" Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Tie That Binds HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Turtle McQ's "Woods at Midnight" Postal Serial, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Sadie's UCONN Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
High School HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04 [One of Sue's favorites!]
Pals HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
New Year's Dragon 2003 HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Movin' On HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Catbead's "Little Acorns of Happiness" Box, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Mariposa HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Bluebird's Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Sunshine's Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Mountain High Postal Box #2, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Madam Lady Bug's Personal Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Troll's Hair HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04 [Thanks Wanda!!]
Time to Go Fishing, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Reservoir Walk, Hopkinton, MA 2/29/04
Brian's "Sadie Hawkins" Post Event Tweed's, Northboro, MA 2/29/04 [429]
Emerson, New Haven, CT 3/7/04
Rubaduc's And Tyler Two, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
Butterfly's Great Tree Adventure, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
KBC Letterbox, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
Butterfly's Hope, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
Double Happiness, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
Butterfly's Light the Way, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
Khor Rhume, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
Grave Matters, Wallingford, CT 3/7/04
legerdemaine's Opus #66 - Word to Your Mutha, 3/7/04
phynstar's Days of Her Life Postal Box, 3/11/04
Isoceles' State of Maine, York, ME 3/20/04
phyto's Munjoy Hill Observatory, Portland, ME 3/20/04
Casco Bay Painter's St. Lawrence Church - Starry Night, Portland, ME 3/20/04
Casco Bay Painter's ME Valentine Letterbox, Portland, ME 3/20/04
phyto's River Trolley Park, Portland, ME 3/20/04
Isocele's Higher Education, Biddeford, ME 3/21/04
Nautilus & Culex's Home, Sweet, Home Mystery, 3/21/04
Butterfly's Early Bird's Catch HH, 3/21/04
Letterboxing at Laudholm Event Stamp, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Cheese Racing HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
St. Brie HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
legerdemaine's K-Martha HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
ScoutDog's Smithsonian Contest Stamp, Wells, ME 3/21/04
LBNA HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Opra ha HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
When You Wish Upon a Star HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
legerdemaine's Opus #155 - Gosling HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Wanda's I'm a Dip/I'm not a Dip, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Solar Power, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Good Morning, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Meet Mya, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Estuarine Myster Box, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Laudholm Gazebo Bonus Box, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Norway Maple, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Who's Watching, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Snowshoes, Wells, ME 3/21/04
Wells Transportation Center HH Hostel Box, Wells, ME 3/21/04
The Fall HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
The Great Cthulu HH, Wells, ME 3/21/04
amymisha & CameraObscura's Love Buzz, York, ME [first finders]
bindlebabe's Beating a Dead Horse Postal Letterbox, 3/27/04
Calvin & Hobbes, Shelton, CT 3/28/04
Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center, Ansonia, CT 3/28/04
Jay Drew's Letterboxer's Companion Event Stamp, Prince of Naples Ungathering, Derby, CT 4/4/04
Mingo's Traveler, Derby, CT 4/4/04
Can You Hear the Music?, Lenox, MA 4/17/04
Stevens Glen, West Stockbridge, MA 4/17/04
legerdemaine's Opus #122, 4/18/04
Caveat HH, Meriden, CT 4/20/04
In Bloom, Meriden, CT 4/20/04
Rubaduc's I-84 Rest Stop, Southington, CT 4/20/04
legerdemaine's Opus #132, 4/24/04
B-Rad, Burlington, CT 4/24/04
Trees of the Forest, Burlington, CT 4/24/04
RTRW's Do You Know Him?, Simsbury, CT 4/24/04 [First Finders]
Spring Has Sprung, Simsbury, CT 4/24/04
Jonathon Phelps, Simsbury, CT 4/24/04
Farmington Valley Greenway North, Simsbury, CT
Music Woman's Passion, Wallingford, CT 4/27/04 [Our P500!!!]
I-91 Rest Stop, Wallingford, CT 4/27/04
Nautilus' Predator & Prey HH, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Butterfly's Marshland, Woodland, Water Series, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Butterfly's Peep Peep, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Fruit of the Dunes, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Wind Beneath Her Wings, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Butterfly's Alan's Anniversary Box, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Music Woman's Butterfly's Birthday, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Music Woman's Think Right, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
Letterboxer2002'sDartmoor Discussion, East Lyme, CT 5/1/04
LobstaLady's Butterfly's Mystery Birthday Box, 5/1/04
Pirate's Treasure Mystery, 5/1/04
Teach & Preach's Presidents, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
NeeDeeps' Bridge Over Troubled Water, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
May Day Gathering Event Stamp, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Veronica & Tony's Personal Traveler, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
World's Buzziest HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
The NeeDeeps Happy Trails Personal Traveler, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Lite Brite HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Sneaky Salamander HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Gilrls Just Want to Have Fun HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
I've Found It HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Mr. Washington HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Doom Gloom HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Four on the Floor Personal Traveler, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Johnny Be Good HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Fly Away Ladybug HH, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Outhouse Letterbox, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
April Showers Series, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
F-1 Traveler, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Memorial Day Series, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
Teach & Preach's JJZ Sr. Box, Thompson, CT 5/2/04
WaRpEd TImE Postal Letterbox, 5/3/04
Happy Dog HH, 5/6/04
legerdemaine's Opus 164, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 163, 5/27/04
Alafair's Blue Flag Iris, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 172, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 162, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 160, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 178, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 158, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 174, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 159, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 173, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 168, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 166, 5/27/04
Alafair's CCC, 5/27/04
Alafair's Tratfoot Mountain Ramblers, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 171, 5/27/04
legerdemaine's Opus 162, 5/27/04
Poison Ivy's None of Your BeesWax HH, 5/27/04
Fort Macon Park - Sunshine Series #6, Atlantic Beach, NC 6/1/04
Cape Lookout Lookout, Harkers Island, NC 6/1/04
Clarks Rest Area - Sunshine Series #7, Clarks, NC 6/4/04
50 States HH, Kensington, CT 6/5/04
Lucky Day Postal Letterbox, 6/8/04
Huskyville, East Hartford, CT 6/12/04
Sammy, the West Highland White Terrier, East Hartford, CT 6/12/04
Keepin' Fit, East Hartford, CT 6/12/04
East Hartford Town Letterbox, East Hartford, CT 6/12/04
Center Cemetery, East Hartford, CT 6/12/04
Pomp Equality, East Hartford, CT 6/12/04
Farmington Canal North, Southington, CT 6/13/04
Waterfalls 3 Series, Hamden, CT 6/13/04
Sadie & Russ' Above It All, Hamden, CT 6/13/04

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